ASE Limousine Services is a family-owned small business that is dedicated to providing the best service that this valley has to offer. Larae Cantave has successfully worked as an entrepreneur for the last 15 years embarking upon various ventures. Bearing witness to the ever evolving phenomenon of “Aspen Culture” her understanding of the service industry is well evolved beyond what most understand of premium service. Having interacted, befriended and served people from all walks of life and understanding their needs has set her business endeavors apart from the mainstream.

ASE Services understands the needs of a unique clientele that live, visit and play in Aspen. We feel like Aspen should be easy. You make the reservation and leave the rest up to us. Privacy is of the utmost consideration at all times. Larae has over a decade of experience providing service professionally in Aspen and also caters to an elite clientele while operating at the FBO here in Aspen. If you want the “wow” factor let us excite you in many new and possible ways! Whether it is the most exclusive house you are looking to buy or the adventure of a lifetime we know how to bring that to life for you. Join us in this wonderful adventure that we can bring to you in the Rocky Mountains and beyond!